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Protecting Your Investment
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Owner-operated has numerous advantages to the customer.


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Protecting Your Investment

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Have you ever spent the money to have your favorite car detailed? I'm not talking about running the car through the wash at the local gas station. I'm talking hand detailed done by a professional.   A true auto detail is a treat for any car and should take hours to complete. Let's imagine you take the time and money to really have your car buffed out and polished to perfection. Would you even consider by-passing having a coat of paint protector (or wax) applied to protect what you just spent hundreds of dollars trying to shine up?

Owner-operated has numerous advantages to the customer.

I recently attended a carpet cleaning seminar hosted by a carpet cleaning supply vendor.  The class outlined some of the latest stain removal techniques and the latest environmentally friendly chemicals.  The second half of the course was a business marketing seminar. This is where I had  great disagreement with the instructor.  His thesis was that business owners need to advertise a low price on line and try to "up sell" the customer when they arrive on scene.