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There is a difference between a good price and a good value!
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Excellent Carpet Cleaning Techniques

There is a difference between a good price and a good value!

As our unemployment rate continues to hover around 10% and the uncertainty of our national and global economy is still in question, many companies are taking drastic measures to make a buck. Carpet and tile cleaning companies are certainly not immune to such practices.  I recently found a local Southern California carpet cleaning company advertising that they will clean an eight room, two story house for just $65.  Wow!  I wave the white flag right now!  I can't beat this price or even come close to it!

Carpet drying times.....

There are many things we CAN do to increase carpet drying times!The most frequent question I hear from new customers; "how long will it take for my carpets to dry when you finish work?"  A very simple and good question that has no exact answer.  However, the technique your cleaning technician is using is most prevalent here.  Sure, there are many variables we as carpet cleaners have no control over.  For example, in the summer drying times could be considerably lower due to the higher outside temperature.  Or, if you live in Houston Texas, the drying times could be considerably higher in the summer because of the increased relative humidity.